Think Of Me Love Spell

Love Spell To Make Him Or Her Think Of You


Sometimes a full-blown love spell is not required, and someone just needs a small, simple nudge in the right direction. Reminding someone about you, and helping them to think about you more frequently is a great way to help influence them positively in your favor. In fact, sometimes a simple think of me spell is all it takes to see full love bloom.

Ingredients Required

  • (2) White candles
  • (1) Carving utensil (for the candles
  • (2) Red strings, yarn, or ribbon roughly 12 inches in length each
  • (1) Rose oil or Palmarosa oil
  • (1) Pane of glass (like from a window, or any square or rectangular see through glass that is bigger than a note card will work)
  • (1) Red or pink marker
  • (1) Gallon zip loc bag or sealable container that can comfortably fit the candles and glass pain
  • (1) Towel or sheet

Spell Instructions

This spell will be better cast on a waxing moon or full moon to achieve stronger effects.

Step 1: Begin by carving your name and date of birth into one candle, and the name and date of birth of your desired into the other candle.

Step 2: Anoint (dress) both candles with the love spell oil you have selected (only the sides of the candles should be dressed).

Step 3: Light both candles.

Step 4: Chant the words “May my energy be with your subconscious and may your subconscious be with my energy.” six times.

Step 5: On one side of the glass pane, use the marker to draw a heart with both of your initials inside of it.

Step 6: On the other side of the glass pane, use the marker to draw an eye. This represents the mind’s eye (the subconscious) seeing through to the heart, and realizing the connection that is shared in the subconscious.

Step 7: Chant the words “Where the mind’s attention once was…” as you pour the wax from the candle with your lover’s name and date of birth onto the side of the glass pane with the eye drawn. Allow a moment for the wax to cure before proceeding.

Step 8: Chant the words “…I fill with thoughts of me” as you pour the wax from the candle with your name and date of birth onto the side of the glass pane with the heart drawn. Allow a moment for the wax to cure before proceeding.

Step 9: Blow out your candle and tie one of the ribbons or strings around your candle.

Step 10: Blow out your lover’s candle and tie the other ribbon or string around their candle.

Step 11: After both candles are done smoking, place them, along with the glass pane, carefully into the container or zip loc bag and seal the container.

Keep this container somewhere safe until the spell has manifested in obvious fashion.

Modifying the Spell to Remove Bad or Negative Thoughts from Someone’s Mind


A variation of this spell can be cast focusing on removing negative thoughts of you from someone’s mind. To modify the spell to remove thoughts, instead of planting thoughts, you will want to cast the spell on a waning moon or a new moon (for a new chance if things are really bad). Waning moons focus on removing bad energy, and if you focus on removing negative thoughts or bad thoughts of some kind, a waning moon can help more effectively eliminate these thoughts in their mind. You will also want to substitute the red strings for blue or white strings, and you will want to substitute the love spell oil for sage oil, spearmint oil, or Niaouli oil.

Final Words

Remember, the more the spell is cast, the stronger it will be. The stronger this think of me spell, the more often you will be thought of and the stronger and more positive the thoughts. For example, casting the spell on a regular basis could help someone think more along the lines of marriage, whilst casting the spell just one time might influence them to want to date you or literally take you on a date. This gives the practitioner a little bit more control over the degree of potency the spell produces.



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Real Magick Imbued Love Spell Perfume

“Love Spell Perfume” With an Actual Love Spell


How to Attract Your Lover With a Wiccan Love Perfume

In the world of Wiccan love spell casting and love spell brewing, the term “potion” and “perfume” are somewhat interchangeable. When someone is looking for an effective love spell potion, they are most of the time looking for a perfume or oil. Love spell perfumes are the closest thing to real love spell potions as it gets. That said, you do not actually consume love spell potions (perfumes), you spray it as a fragrance to get the effects in your aura…and attract your desired lover or effects. Thus, the best love spell perfumes on the web are ranked here….

Best Wiccan Love Spell Potions / Perfumes Online

Powerful Love Perfume “Siren Myst” by Venitie Mysts


This is one of the most impressive potions we have come across. The product is heavy and the magickal properties in the perfume can be felt almost right away. The scent is nice too, sort of having an upscale perfume fragrance to it. The Venitie love spell potions come in two options, Siren Myst 1 and Siren Myst 2. They are “stages” and can be used separately or together for maximum strength. Siren Myst 1 is better for drawing a lover to you when you are not together. Siren Myst 2 is better for strengthening an existing relationship, improving affection and/or attention, and of course, faithfulness and commitment. They really work wonders for the passion in a relationship.

Love Potion No. 9, 10, and 11 by Creepy Hollows


The Love Potion No. 9 was effective. Honestly, however, it did take a few uses over the course of a few weeks and after a number of interactions, was able to produce results. At nearly $200.00, the price is rather high for something that requires this many repeat uses to reap the rewards, however, at least it is effective.

Sacred Witches Power Potion for Love by White Magick Alchemy


This product felt really great, the bottle feels high quality and is pretty, but it was no where near as effective as any of the other options. Although it did provide some looks and attention (hence the honorable mention), it felt like paying $48.95 for merely a pretty bottle.




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Casting a Love Potion that Uses Pheromones

Wicca Love Potion Using Pheromones


In the world of spell casting and magick, there are thousands of types of spells and potions, thousands of types of magick, and thousands of different ingredients. There are modern rituals and there are ancient rituals. This guide is considered an ancient love potion, however, uses modern-day ingredients, as not all of the ingredients which used to be around back in the day are still around today. Even still, substitutions sometimes have to be made. Many modern Wiccans believe that the “Love Potion that Uses Pheromones” is a myth, almost a mythical unicorn if you will. However, the truth is, real love potions using pheromones exist, and it is possible for even a novice to brew the potion.

In the case of spell casting and potion brewing, and in the context of our potion recipe, pheromones are substances that affect the behavior and physiological status of another person. Specifically, there are hundreds of different herbs and ingredients which practitioners can consider pheromones for love potions.

Powerful Wiccan Love Pheromones

Apples – Believe it or not, apples contain INTENSE love pheromones, they just have to be sliced and diced and thrown into a boiling pot of a love potion to be extracted. The spiritual love properties in apple is absolutely unprecedented and wildly underestimated!

Important note: Only adding a single drop of the pheromone is necessary – any more and it can be too much and cause an overload of energy, which is not good and won’t help. Just add a single drop of one or two of the pheromones, and nothing more!


Ashwagandha – This herb is historically used in Indian and Asian medicine and cultures for increasing sex drive and attraction, and is a natural aphrodisiac. However, when added to the recipe of a love potion, Ashwagandha is capable of cranking the attraction factor up nearly twice as much!

Bayberry – One of the most powerful natural love potion pheromones in Wicca potion brewing is Bayberry. Some people actually use Bayberry oil on the wrists or on their affects to draw the opposite sex to them. When added to a love spell potion recipe, Bayberry makes the attraction WAY stronger!

Maca – When using Maca in a love potion, libido and endurance of strengthened, as well as the drive to have more intimacy. This Wiccan spell casting pheromone herb is especially effective on females.

Vanilla – Not only does this taste good, and smell great, but it is a natural aphrodisiac. Adding Vanilla to a love potion creates an intense passion and desire to be together.

Wild Yam – A very powerful Wiccan pheromone herb used to vastly increase attraction hormones. Works great in nearly any Wicca love potion.

How to Brew a Powerful Wiccan Love Potion Using Pheromones


Brewing a love potion is easy and can be done at home using a normal, average stovetop and pot. Bringing water (or rose water – even making it fresh with petals on the spot) to a light simmer and adding ingredients, while chanting or lighting a red or pink candle carved with the names and dates of birth of those involved, is usually enough to create a simple potion. After straining the ingredients, the potion is considered strongest and is typically consumed (only a few gulps are usually required) right after the brewing. Some people prefer to brew their potion on a full moon, or a new moon, depending upon the specifics of the situation. A New moon should only be used for new love, while a full moon or the waxing phase should be used for returning an old flame, or strengthening an existing love. The pheromone ingredients should be added only after the water is brought to a boil.

Disclaimer: Please remember to check for allergies before you use any ingredients in your love potions. Remember, the pheromone herbs are powerful and only a single drop or two should be used in each love potion.

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Wiccan Herbs You Can Burn for Love

Wiccan Incense that Brings Love When Burned


There are a lot of herbs that can be burned as an incense to produce strong attraction and love energies. Whether it is a new relationship, an older relationship, an attempt to reinvigorate a dead relationship, or even drawing a soul mate, there are plenty of Wiccan herbs and essential oils that can be burned as an incense to bolster a circle and spell’s power. Generating stronger spell potency is simple and doesn’t take much…just burning one or two herbs will make a huge difference.

Wiccan Herbs that can be burned as incense or used as essential oils for…


Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Yarrow, Ylang-Ylang

Bringing Back an Old Flame

Freesia, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Rosemary, Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang

Commitment, Engagement and Marriage

Palmarosa, Rose, Rosemary, Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang

Drawing a Soul mate

Hyacinth, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Rose, Rosemary, Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang

drawing a soulmate

Intimacy and Increasing Sexuality within a Relationship

Cardamom, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang

Love Divination and Predicting the Future of a Love Life or Relationship

Camomile, Yarrow

Repairing a Broken Relationship

Caraway, Coriander, Freesia, Ginger, Lemon Verbena, Plumeria, Rose, Yarrow, Ylang-Ylang

Strengthening a Relationship

Carnation, Coriander, Ginger, Lemon Verbena, Palmarosa, Rose, Rosemary, White Ginger, Ylang-Ylang

How to Use Wiccan Incense for Love

Attracting love or strengthening a relationship is so simple with incense. Simply burning one of the incense off the list is simple enough to generate energy, however, combining the incense or essential oil with a full love spell or potion, is always wise. Spell casting and magick work best when used in combinations. Spells build additional power from being customized and strengthened through the addition of extra ingredients and compliments. For example, burning one of these essential oils while casting a love spell, will strengthen that ritual. The oils can also be mixed to create potions of their own sort, custom concoctions and burned for intense, combination power.

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Aromatherapy to Attract Others: Using Aromatherapy as a Love Spell

Using Aromatherapy with Wiccan Herbs for Love and Attraction


Using fragrance oils and Wiccan herbs in aromatherapy for attraction and to cast love spells is an ancient tradition, not a modern discovery. Witches and other priestesses for centuries have used these botanicals and fragrances to produce potions, perfumes, lotions and essential oils for use in Wiccan aromatherapy. Learning how to use these essential oils for spell casting is easy! The following essential oils are commonly used for love and attraction, along with a little information about each one.

List of Essential Oils used for Attraction and Love

Camomile (also known as Chamomile): Can be used to predict the future of a love life or relationship through a dream-like vision.

Caraway: Specifically helps with resolving a troubled relationship and communication issues.

Cardamom: This is considered a luxury herb, as it is a little harder to come by, but is one of the strongest herbs for sexuality and intimacy. As an essential oil, Cardamom is capable of sparking incredible sexual arousal in a relationship.

Carnation: The potency of this essential oil can reinvigorate and rejuvenate a love life or relationship. It can be used as an essential oil to strengthen any love spell.

Coriander: Although it carries a strong odor,coriander-wiccan-herb  it can produce powerful love potions and generates very strong relationships. It is hard to get it into a love spell perfume because of its odor, so it is more commonly burned during actual love spells.

Freesia: This is a unique herb in that it promotes calmness within a relationship. It can also help heal and repair a damaged relationship. It is best used as an essential oil in a repair-based marriage or love spell. Freesia is commonly found in recommitment, return ex-lover, and repair relationship spells and potions.

Ginger: Provides a confidence and courage within a relationship to work through problems and strengthen a bond.

Hyacinth: Can be used to draw new love and generate strong attraction. Very commonly added to love spells that focus on drawing a soul mate.

Jasmine: This is a strong and versatile herb very commonly used for love, attraction and intimacy. That said, in oil form, Jasmine is able to bolster potions and spells of love and attraction, making them extremely effective.

Lavender: Has been long used for a diverse type of love spells and potions. When used as an essential oil in aromatherapy, Lavender can attract soul mates and lovers alike.

Lemon Verbena: Used to attract a true soul mate, lemon-verbenasomeone of a very strong match and connection. Can also be used to improve communication and attraction within an existing relationship.



Neroli: Although used for many things, Neroli can promote intimacy energy within a relationship as an essential oil.

Palmarosa: Provides amazing boosts for love and romance spells. Helps bolster any marriage or attraction spell of any kind. Strengthens a bond and commitment.

Plumeria: This is a rarer essential oil, but benefits a relationship by removing all guilt and fears that may exist between the two people. Plumeria basically purifies a relationship.

Rose: A world-renown icon for love, just a few drops of rose, in the essential oil form, can infuse romance into the air and strong, magnetic attraction throughout the vicinity.

Rosemary: A well known Wicca herb for love and used in many different types of love spells, as an essential oil, Rosemary creates a strong attraction energy.

Sandalwoodsandalwood Is an intimacy catalyst and will spark arousal and interest in nearly any relationship. Sandalwood can be extremely stimulating. Using Sandalwood as an essential oil or fragrance in any love spell or potion is always a good idea.


Vanilla (absolute): Although Vanilla has many applications, it is extremely common to find in a love potion. Not only does it very powerfully attract love, but it carries a wonderful fragrance. It is also used in love spells, as its love-inducing powers are very real, and it is not all about the scent!

White Ginger: Has been used for centuries as a fragrance and an essential oil to strengthen a marriage and stimulate love.

Yarrow: This herb can be used in a Wiccan love spell, love potion, or as a love divination catalyst. As an essential oil, it will promote strong attraction but also help relationships resolve favorable outcomes that bloom stronger love.

Ylang-Ylang (also known as Ylang II): An extremely powerful love and attraction herb, used as a strong Wiccan essential oil to boost love spells, potions and perfumes. Ylang is an ancient love spell secret, as it may possess some of the strongest love and attraction energies on the planet.

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