Aromatherapy to Attract Others: Using Aromatherapy as a Love Spell

Using Aromatherapy with Wiccan Herbs for Love and Attraction


Using fragrance oils and Wiccan herbs in aromatherapy for attraction and to cast love spells is an ancient tradition, not a modern discovery. Witches and other priestesses for centuries have used these botanicals and fragrances to produce potions, perfumes, lotions and essential oils for use in Wiccan aromatherapy. Learning how to use these essential oils for spell casting is easy! The following essential oils are commonly used for love and attraction, along with a little information about each one.

List of Essential Oils used for Attraction and Love

Camomile (also known as Chamomile): Can be used to predict the future of a love life or relationship through a dream-like vision.

Caraway: Specifically helps with resolving a troubled relationship and communication issues.

Cardamom: This is considered a luxury herb, as it is a little harder to come by, but is one of the strongest herbs for sexuality and intimacy. As an essential oil, Cardamom is capable of sparking incredible sexual arousal in a relationship.

Carnation: The potency of this essential oil can reinvigorate and rejuvenate a love life or relationship. It can be used as an essential oil to strengthen any love spell.

Coriander: Although it carries a strong odor,coriander-wiccan-herb  it can produce powerful love potions and generates very strong relationships. It is hard to get it into a love spell perfume because of its odor, so it is more commonly burned during actual love spells.

Freesia: This is a unique herb in that it promotes calmness within a relationship. It can also help heal and repair a damaged relationship. It is best used as an essential oil in a repair-based marriage or love spell. Freesia is commonly found in recommitment, return ex-lover, and repair relationship spells and potions.

Ginger: Provides a confidence and courage within a relationship to work through problems and strengthen a bond.

Hyacinth: Can be used to draw new love and generate strong attraction. Very commonly added to love spells that focus on drawing a soul mate.

Jasmine: This is a strong and versatile herb very commonly used for love, attraction and intimacy. That said, in oil form, Jasmine is able to bolster potions and spells of love and attraction, making them extremely effective.

Lavender: Has been long used for a diverse type of love spells and potions. When used as an essential oil in aromatherapy, Lavender can attract soul mates and lovers alike.

Lemon Verbena: Used to attract a true soul mate, lemon-verbenasomeone of a very strong match and connection. Can also be used to improve communication and attraction within an existing relationship.



Neroli: Although used for many things, Neroli can promote intimacy energy within a relationship as an essential oil.

Palmarosa: Provides amazing boosts for love and romance spells. Helps bolster any marriage or attraction spell of any kind. Strengthens a bond and commitment.

Plumeria: This is a rarer essential oil, but benefits a relationship by removing all guilt and fears that may exist between the two people. Plumeria basically purifies a relationship.

Rose: A world-renown icon for love, just a few drops of rose, in the essential oil form, can infuse romance into the air and strong, magnetic attraction throughout the vicinity.

Rosemary: A well known Wicca herb for love and used in many different types of love spells, as an essential oil, Rosemary creates a strong attraction energy.

Sandalwoodsandalwood Is an intimacy catalyst and will spark arousal and interest in nearly any relationship. Sandalwood can be extremely stimulating. Using Sandalwood as an essential oil or fragrance in any love spell or potion is always a good idea.


Vanilla (absolute): Although Vanilla has many applications, it is extremely common to find in a love potion. Not only does it very powerfully attract love, but it carries a wonderful fragrance. It is also used in love spells, as its love-inducing powers are very real, and it is not all about the scent!

White Ginger: Has been used for centuries as a fragrance and an essential oil to strengthen a marriage and stimulate love.

Yarrow: This herb can be used in a Wiccan love spell, love potion, or as a love divination catalyst. As an essential oil, it will promote strong attraction but also help relationships resolve favorable outcomes that bloom stronger love.

Ylang-Ylang (also known as Ylang II): An extremely powerful love and attraction herb, used as a strong Wiccan essential oil to boost love spells, potions and perfumes. Ylang is an ancient love spell secret, as it may possess some of the strongest love and attraction energies on the planet.

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