Wiccan Spell to Find a Lost Pet

Cast a Spell to Locate a Lost Pet

Can you Find a Lost Animal With a Magick Spell?

Pets and familiars are basically part of the family. When a pet is lost, it can be crushing and feel as though a child is missing. Though, it is possible to bring the pet back home and wiccan magick spells can help target and draw on the pet’s energy. It is possible to find a lost animal with a magick spell, and it is also possible to attract them back home. This powerful pet location spell is meant to do both: locate the pet’s distance from the home and attract the pet home. The ingredients are not as necessary as the focus and concentration power. Although, a spell that uses high quality ingredients will almost always be more powerful than a “pure willpower” spell. If your pet is missing, this spell is for you and no expense should be spared!

Casting a Powerful Pet Locator Spell

Pet location spells are very helpful in contributing positive energy when looking for a lost pet. The stronger the spell, the wider its effective radius.


  • (1) Blue Candle
  • (1) White Candle
  • (1) Red Candle
  • (1) Cup of Catnip
  • (1) Cup of Cloves
  • (1) Sage Wand
  • (1) Mason Jar
  • (1) Picture of the animal or affect [such as a collar or a toy]

Spell Instructions:

Step 1: Light the white candle and say “I light this candle to keep you safe, _name of the pet_.”

Step 2: Light the red candle and say “I light this candle to show you my love, _name of the pet_.”

Step 3: Light the blue candle and say “I light this candle to bring you home, _name of the pet_.”

Step 4: Meditate for a few moments and imagine the reunion and the target, lost pet returning home.

Step 5: Fold the picture enough to fit it into the mason jar and push it into the jar.

Step 6: Add the herbal mixture (catnip and cloves) to the jar.

Step 7: Light the sage wand and hold it above the jar as you chant three times “May the blessed spirits please guide _name of the pet_ home safely.”

Step 8: Put out the sage, add it to the mason jar and seal the jar.

Step 9: Blow out the candles and say “So mote it be.”

Step 10: Keep the jar somewhere within the pet’s home to help attract a return.

Tips for Finding a Lost Pet with Magick

Losing a pet is one of the most heartbreaking experiences. Fortunately, there are still resources available to help with locating and bringing the pet home. Always take time to select the highest quality, freshest ingredients so that the radius of influence is furthest. The radius needs to be much wider when targeting a pet that has been missing for a longer period. The quality of the ingredients can have a direct impact on the radius as well. The spell should be cast at a time when the pet is most likely awake and most active (this may require some though as to the habits and lifestyle of the pet before they went missing).

And remember: magick is a great benefit for most situations, including finding lost pets, however, putting in reasonable, logical effort is also encouraged. This means putting up “lost dog” signs, or listing your kitty as lost at local shelters.

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