Love Spell Potion Using Wine

Can You Use Wine For a Love Potion?

Are There Love Spells or Love Potions That Use Wine?

Love potion that uses wine.

Love spells and potions have existed for thousands of years. Many of these incantations and recipes have included alcohol or wine. Wine is especially popular for brewing love potions. There are all types of wine love potion recipes, however, some of the easier ones do not even involve altering the wine. Wine is naturally very spiritually responsive and a potent emotional influence. Wine has the ability to absorb energy that has been bestowed upon it. Casting a love spell into wine is one of the easiest ways to create a love potion.

Making a Love Potion Using Wine

Love potions using wine have the added spiritual benefits of the wine itself, so select a wine that is sweet, soothing, and speaks romance! It is important that the wine is desirable or it will go unconsumed.

Ingredients Required:

  • (1) Bottle of Wine
  • (1) Red Rose (the fresher the better!)
  • (1) Red Candle
  • (1) Wine Glass

Required supplies for the spell (Bottle of Wine, Red Roses, Red Candle, Wine Glasses)

Steps to Create the Love Potion:

Step 1: Light the red candle.

Step 2: Close your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes and imagine the energy from the candle and the rose pouring into the wine bottle.

Step 3: Open your eyes and begin to peel the petals from the rose, rubbing each one onto the wine bottle.

Step 4: Close your eyes again for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the rose petals all resting at the base of the wine bottle to further bolster the wine.

Step 5: Chant three times “I brew this wine to love and passion, I bind this relationship in romantic fashion.”

Step 6: Say “So mote it be” and blow out the candle.

Step 7: The bottle is now blessed and a wine love potion.

Note: The wine glass is only included in the ritual to develop a relationship between the wine and the glass. The wine glass is strengthened as it develops a closer bond to the wine. Including the wine glass in the ritual can create a greater impact during consumption.

Using the Wine Love Potion

Wine is a simple drink: people love it and they usually finish every drop. Wine love potions are no different. Because the actual wine is not altered in any fashion, it is just as safe to drink as always. Using the wine potion is equally simple and merely means serving at least one glass. It is not required that the entire bottle be consumed, but only one glass.

Other Love Potions and Love Spells

Love potions made of wine are an interesting way to craft passion into a bottle; And love potions (in general) are a simple and sometimes effective way to handle some minor relationship problems. Still, there are also powerful love spells available that can handle more complicated situations. In addition to the several types of love spells that can be done at home, there are some pretty awesome online covens exist which can help cast customized love spells to fit any situation. It is also worth noting that love potions can be used in combination with love spells.

And yes, this ritual can be performed using champagne and other types of alcohols as well.

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