Wiccan Spell to Find a Lost Pet

Cast a Spell to Locate a Lost Pet

Can you Find a Lost Animal With a Magick Spell?

Pets and familiars are basically part of the family. When a pet is lost, it can be crushing and feel as though a child is missing. Though, it is possible to bring the pet back home and wiccan magick spells can help target and draw on the pet’s energy. It is possible to find a lost animal with a magick spell, and it is also possible to attract them back home. This powerful pet location spell is meant to do both: locate the pet’s distance from the home and attract the pet home. The ingredients are not as necessary as the focus and concentration power. Although, a spell that uses high quality ingredients will almost always be more powerful than a “pure willpower” spell. If your pet is missing, this spell is for you and no expense should be spared!

Casting a Powerful Pet Locator Spell

Pet location spells are very helpful in contributing positive energy when looking for a lost pet. The stronger the spell, the wider its effective radius.


  • (1) Blue Candle
  • (1) White Candle
  • (1) Red Candle
  • (1) Cup of Catnip
  • (1) Cup of Cloves
  • (1) Sage Wand
  • (1) Mason Jar
  • (1) Picture of the animal or affect [such as a collar or a toy]

Spell Instructions:

Step 1: Light the white candle and say “I light this candle to keep you safe, _name of the pet_.”

Step 2: Light the red candle and say “I light this candle to show you my love, _name of the pet_.”

Step 3: Light the blue candle and say “I light this candle to bring you home, _name of the pet_.”

Step 4: Meditate for a few moments and imagine the reunion and the target, lost pet returning home.

Step 5: Fold the picture enough to fit it into the mason jar and push it into the jar.

Step 6: Add the herbal mixture (catnip and cloves) to the jar.

Step 7: Light the sage wand and hold it above the jar as you chant three times “May the blessed spirits please guide _name of the pet_ home safely.”

Step 8: Put out the sage, add it to the mason jar and seal the jar.

Step 9: Blow out the candles and say “So mote it be.”

Step 10: Keep the jar somewhere within the pet’s home to help attract a return.

Tips for Finding a Lost Pet with Magick

Losing a pet is one of the most heartbreaking experiences. Fortunately, there are still resources available to help with locating and bringing the pet home. Always take time to select the highest quality, freshest ingredients so that the radius of influence is furthest. The radius needs to be much wider when targeting a pet that has been missing for a longer period. The quality of the ingredients can have a direct impact on the radius as well. The spell should be cast at a time when the pet is most likely awake and most active (this may require some though as to the habits and lifestyle of the pet before they went missing).

And remember: magick is a great benefit for most situations, including finding lost pets, however, putting in reasonable, logical effort is also encouraged. This means putting up “lost dog” signs, or listing your kitty as lost at local shelters.

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Wiccan Spell to Heal a Pet

Wiccan Spell for Healing an Ill or Sick Pet

Are There Any Spells for Healing Sick Pets?

Many times, pets (sometimes even called familiars) are considered part of the family. Although pets may become very close with their families, they are still animals. Animals are biologically different from humans in many ways, and they require a different type of medical treatment. Healing a sick pet or animal is different than healing a person. Fortunately, there are many spells for healing sick, ill, or otherwise suffering pets. Wicca provides several spells which offer great, healthy energy for animals. This is one of the best pet healing spells, as it is universal, having the capability of being applied to any animal for any illness or ailment.

Universal Pet Health Spell [Pet Healing Spell]


  • (1) Photograph of the animal or pet (or an affect that belongs to the pet, such as a collar)
  • (1) Purple Candle
  • (1) White Candle
  • (1) Tablespoon of St. John’s Wort
  • (1) Heaping spoon full of Goldenseal or Fennel Seed
  • (1) Ginger root or Freshly picked Carnation
  • (1) Mason Jar
  • (1) 3 ft (or 1 m) section of Twine
  • (1) Sandlewood incense*

*The incense is just a bonus, if you happen to have some, burn it before starting the ritual and leave it burning throughout the entire ritual.

Spell Instructions:

Step 1: Begin with an intention meditation session. This means meditating above the spell ingredients with the intention of the spell being bestowed upon the ingredients. Imagine your energy flowing into the ingredients. Most practitioners will spend 10 or more minutes in this phase.

Step 2: Light the white candle and say “I bring a peace to this circle. I invite positive essence and vibes.”

Step 3: Light the purple candle and say “I bring a healing energy to this circle. I invite recovery and good health.”

Step 4: Add the herbal ingredients to the mason jar.

Step 5: Meditate for 5-15 minutes, imagining the health and healing energy enveloping the target pet or animal.

Step 6: Tie the photograph to the side of the jar and say “I bind thee with health of a youth and longevity of an elderly.”

Step 7: Pour the wax pools that have formed on top of the candles into the mason jar.

Step 8: Seal the mason jar.

Step 9: Blow out the candles and chant “So mote it be!”

Step 10: Bury the mason jar somewhere close to the home of the afflicted animal or pet.

Disclaimer: Be super careful when working with open flames or candles. Never leave a candle unattended.

Words of Wisdom for Pet Healing Spells

Pet healing spells can vary in effectiveness and strength, depending upon a large construct of variables. Making a more powerful spell is always suggested when possible, even for the simplest of ailments. Many times, making a spell stronger merely means casting the spell more than once. Triple casting a pet healing spell is standard for most situations and creates ample potency to permeate the aura and make at least some sort of impact or influence. Remember, no matter the situation it is always worth it to do everything possible for the fur babies!

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Powerful Beauty Spell for Acne and Skin

Acne and Skin Beauty Spell That Works

Fast Working Acne Spell

Acne can be embarrassing. It ruins outfits, pictures, events, and worst of all: self-esteem. Fortunately, there are many ways to control acne in today’s age. Beyond conventional treatments, there are also some spiritual energies that can help. The use of herbology and magick together creates an anti-acne potion powerful enough to help with even the most extreme cases. Technically, acne and skin spells fall in the beauty and glamour spell category.

How to Cast the Acne and Skin Beauty Spell

Brewing an anti-acne potion can be done at home, easily yourself. It will be stronger when repeated multiple times a week when there is a flare up.


  • (1) Purple Candle
  • (1) Fresh Advocado
  • (1) Mixing Bowl with Pestle (or spoon)
  • (4) Rose Petals (fresh is best)
  • (4) Tablespoons of Raw Honey
  • (1) Dash of Lavender Oil

Steps to Cast the Spell:

Step 1: Light the purple candle. It is mostly used for ambience energy.

Step 2: Mix the Advocado (carved out internals), rose petals, and honey into the bowl.

Step 3: Mash the ingredients together until the mixture is as finely blended as can be.

Step 4: Place your hands over top the bowl and close your eyes while you imagine the energy of the bowl brewing thicker. Meditate in this way for a few moments.

Step 5: Add the dash of lavender oil, begin mixing again thoroughly for a few moments.

Step 6: Blow out the purple candle and say “So Mote it Be.”

Step 7: Apply the lotion to the face and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before removing it and washing the face clean.

Warning: Always be careful when you have an open flame or candle present.

Last Words About Glamour Spells for Acne and Skin

Glamour spells are always relative per person. Meaning, sometimes they work more dramatically for one person than another. Acne is similar in how it affects people differently. This glamour spell specifically targets removing acne from the face and skin. It is more powerful than many general beauty spells, but only in terms of removing acne and clearing up the skin. Like all glamour spells, it will be more effective as it is cast multiple times. The minimum standard is usually a triple cast for beauty spells. Beauty spells are also known to fade, as age can be a sincere antagonist. To combat the fading element of the spell, it will need to be recast periodically. Depending upon the severity of the acne, it may need to be recast as infrequently as once per year, or as frequently as once per month.

Disclaimer: Be sure to test a small patch on the skin of any ingredient before applying it to the face to ensure there is no allergy.

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Love Spell Potion Using Wine

Can You Use Wine For a Love Potion?

Are There Love Spells or Love Potions That Use Wine?

Love potion that uses wine.

Love spells and potions have existed for thousands of years. Many of these incantations and recipes have included alcohol or wine. Wine is especially popular for brewing love potions. There are all types of wine love potion recipes, however, some of the easier ones do not even involve altering the wine. Wine is naturally very spiritually responsive and a potent emotional influence. Wine has the ability to absorb energy that has been bestowed upon it. Casting a love spell into wine is one of the easiest ways to create a love potion.

Making a Love Potion Using Wine

Love potions using wine have the added spiritual benefits of the wine itself, so select a wine that is sweet, soothing, and speaks romance! It is important that the wine is desirable or it will go unconsumed.

Ingredients Required:

  • (1) Bottle of Wine
  • (1) Red Rose (the fresher the better!)
  • (1) Red Candle
  • (1) Wine Glass

Required supplies for the spell (Bottle of Wine, Red Roses, Red Candle, Wine Glasses)

Steps to Create the Love Potion:

Step 1: Light the red candle.

Step 2: Close your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes and imagine the energy from the candle and the rose pouring into the wine bottle.

Step 3: Open your eyes and begin to peel the petals from the rose, rubbing each one onto the wine bottle.

Step 4: Close your eyes again for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the rose petals all resting at the base of the wine bottle to further bolster the wine.

Step 5: Chant three times “I brew this wine to love and passion, I bind this relationship in romantic fashion.”

Step 6: Say “So mote it be” and blow out the candle.

Step 7: The bottle is now blessed and a wine love potion.

Note: The wine glass is only included in the ritual to develop a relationship between the wine and the glass. The wine glass is strengthened as it develops a closer bond to the wine. Including the wine glass in the ritual can create a greater impact during consumption.

Using the Wine Love Potion

Wine is a simple drink: people love it and they usually finish every drop. Wine love potions are no different. Because the actual wine is not altered in any fashion, it is just as safe to drink as always. Using the wine potion is equally simple and merely means serving at least one glass. It is not required that the entire bottle be consumed, but only one glass.

Other Love Potions and Love Spells

Love potions made of wine are an interesting way to craft passion into a bottle; And love potions (in general) are a simple and sometimes effective way to handle some minor relationship problems. Still, there are also powerful love spells available that can handle more complicated situations. In addition to the several types of love spells that can be done at home, there are some pretty awesome online covens exist which can help cast customized love spells to fit any situation. It is also worth noting that love potions can be used in combination with love spells.

And yes, this ritual can be performed using champagne and other types of alcohols as well.

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