Spell to Attract New Friends

Wiccan Friendship Spell

We all need friends. This Wiccan spell attract new friends to you and help invigorate your social life. The spell will receive maximum strength if cast during the waxing moon, or on a full moon. Never cast the spell on a waning moon to avoid effects opposite of friendship.


Required ingredients

  • 1 quartz crystal of any kind
  • one yellow candle
  • one yellow flower
  • Myrtle or lavender (oil or herb form)

Spell Instructions

  1. Optionally begin by casting a magic circle.
  2. Dress the candle and the flower using the oil you have chosen (or if you chose in herb form you must rub the herb onto the candle and flower gently to anoint).
  3. Place the quartz in one hand and the flower in the other hand while you sit comfortably.
  4. Close your eyes and begin to meditate imagining the energy of friendship imbued in the flower flowing into the crystal.
  5. After sufficient time has passed and you feel you have absorbed all of the energy that these objects have to offer, open your eyes, place the objects down and light the yellow candle.
  6. While gazing into the candle, chant the following words: “May our friendship bloom and blossom from the cold of the night into the warmth of the day, for now let friendship form forever this way.”
  7. Allow a few extra minutes for the energy to fully absorb into the crystal.
  8. Say “So mote it be” as you blow the candle out.
  9. If you have cast a circle, you will now need to uncast it.

Carrying the stone around with you will help attract new friends. It should be treated like a talisman, handled with care and kept in the pocket. Avoid getting it wet. Avoid letting other people touch it.


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