Powerful Wiccan Intelligence Spell

Casting a Wiccan Intellect Spell for Wisdom and Knowledge


Wicca and other magick arts have been practicing spells and incantations all of types for thousands of years. Intellect is a common attribute of request for bolstering because of its value in society and effects on one’s overall position in life. People use strong intellect to get into better programs, impress other people, impress themselves, and achieve success and feats of magnificent proportion! Intelligence spells have been used to improve grades, improve one’s influence at work, achieve greater wealth and financial success, and to reach one’s greatest potential in all walks in life, understanding all things!

How to Cast a Wiccan Intelligence Spell

Wiccan intelligence spells come in all kinds of styles and provide varying effects. Like all spells, some variations of the Wicca intellect spell will be more powerful than others, and more obvious, showing noticeable improvements. This simple intellect spell can be used to gently bolster one’s intelligence energy and thrives when repeated.


  • Sage (1 cup)
  • Crushed Acorn or almond powder (crushed works best, 1 cup)
  • Lavender or Passionflower [cucumber can also be substituted, finely chopped] (1 cup)
  • (1) Blue Candle and a lighter or match
  • (1) Carving utensil (to carve on the candle)
  • Salt (3 cups)

How to Cast the Wicca Intellect Spell



Be careful of the open flame and always perform spellwork in quiet and concentration-fostering environments.

Step 1. Find a peaceful place outdoors where a 15 minute spell can be cast on the Earth (actual ground, as in dirt or sand).

Step 2. Sit comfortably on the earth and draw a solid circle around you on the ground, it can be pretty close to your body, basically giving yourself enough space to sit comfortably and keep the rest of your ingredients in the circle with you.

Step 3. Repeat out loud several times the statement “With use of this candle, I ask for wisdom, intelligence and cognitive bolster” while you draw your initials into the side of the candle, and your full date of birth. It is best to repeat this statement at least 12 times, you may do so more, and it may very well take more times than 12 while you are carving your name and date of birth.

Step 4. Light the candle and begin to enter a meditation, imagining the candle burning an energy that is blue in color, RICH in intelligence! Imagine that this energy is flowing right into your mind, straight from the candle to your psyche. Take at least 5-10 minutes to soak up the intellect.

Step 5. Draw another circle WITHIN the circle of salt, using each of the 3 other ingredients, Lavender (or passionflower or cucumber), sage, and crushed acorn (or almond). This will mean you have 2 circles, one made of salt and the inside circle will be made of these other ingredients (each will only complete 1/3 of the circle, as 3 cups of herb is required to draw the complete circle).

Step 6. Re-enter meditation, imagining the second circle also producing a silver colored energy, that mixes with the blue energy from the candle, spinning into a beautiful smokey-looking spiral that absorbs straight into your mind’s psyche. Allow a few extra minutes to soak up all of the intellect emitted.

Step 7. Stating out loud “So Mote It Be,” blow out the candle, stand, brush the circles away and your spell is complete!

Tips for Making a Wisdom Spell Stronger

Intelligence and wisdom spells like this one thrive on repetition and duration. The longer the meditation routine, the better the absorption of wisdom and intellect. The more the repetitions of the sentence while carving the candle, the stronger the candle will emit useful wisdom and intelligence energy. It is possible to anoint the candle with almond or sage oil, allowing it to dry before lighting the candle (and keeping the oil on the side of the candle only). These two oils create an amplified intelligence energy. Anointing the candle is also known as “dressing the candle.”

Save the candle. The candle can be reused in future spells, repetitions of this spell, which include everything, even the carving motions and chant should be repeated when reusing the candle. To make this easier, carve within the same lines previously carved as to leave the legibility of your name and date of birth intact.

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